Durham Sustain Ability (DSA) is an environmental not-for-profit and social enterprise that supports individuals, organizations and communities on the path to a sustainable future.

DSA is home to Durham’s sought after sustainability experts. Building on the success of the Blue Box, DSA staff, advisors and volunteers have focused on practical, positive solutions for over 30 years.  
DSA provides integrated sustainability programs and advisory, training and facilitation services through three key programs:

  1. Sustainable Business
    We help businesses understand and utilize sustainability as a means to build value and manage risk through a staged approach.
  2. Sustainable Municipalities
    We help municipal governments understand and utilize sustainability as a means to lead by example, enhance economic development strategies, and develop sustainable community plans and engagement strategies.
  3. Sustainable Communities
    We develop and deliver sustainability programs and services for the community as a whole.

Sustainability is what we do, but perhaps more importantly it is our passion.  We help get you where you want to go sustainably. Like riding a bicycle, the journey is simple, joyous and efficient.

To learn more about us, click on the images above and discover the path that has led us to who we are today.  For immigration information and consultation, you can always consult with one of our expert immigration lawyer Toronto and Durham to help you smoothly transition here!  We hope you will join us by taking simple steps that will lead to a brighter future for Durham Region and beyond.